English Suggestion of Class XI (wbchse) 2019

Class XI English Notes

  SUGGESTION FOR annual Exam 2019               Class-XI English-B (wbchse)

[Time: 2 Hours 36 Minutes]                                                                                  [Full Marks: 80]
1. Complete each of the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answer from the alternatives given:      1×5=5                                                                                                
i) The arrival of the train did not disturb sir Mohan Lal’s(a) peace (b) understanding (c) sangfroid ( d) conversation
ii) Ultimately the lost chain was found inside- (a) Sidda’s pocket   (b) a tamarind pot   (c) a shelf   (d) Lela’s school bag.
iii) As a prisoner Jimmy Valentine’s number was-    (a) 9762 (b) 962   (c) 9276 (d) 9672.
iv) The greatest destroyer of peace, according to Mother Teresa, is- (a) abortion (b) adoption (c) hunger (d) malnutrition.
v) Art education calls for close contact with—(a) Nature (b) artisans   (c) acrylic (d) graphics.
N.B.:     Students are requested to go through the text attentively.
2. Answer any five of the following questions, each in complete sentences:                                                                      1×5=5                                      i) what is Mr Shivasanker’s first impression of Siddha?Ans. Mr Shivasanker’s first impression is that Sidda does not seem to be of a bad sort and he looks tidy.
ii)   Why did Mother become surprised in the West?Ans: Mother became surprised in the West to see so many young boys and girls given into drugs.
iii)   What did Sidda go out to buy one evening?Ans: One evening Sidda went out to buy some sugar.
 iv)  Who was Annabel Adams?Ans: Annabel Adams was the daughter of Mr. Adams.
v)  What are the two aspects of art education?Ans: The two aspects of art education are fine art and functional art.
vi)  Where did Leela’s mother find the chain?Ans: Leela’s mother found the chain in a tamarind pot.
vii)  Who were the two soldiers?Ans: Jim and Bill were the two soldiers.
viii) What did the warden give Jimmy?
Ans: The warden gave Jimmy a cigar.ix) What had mother seen in the old-age home?
Ans: Mother had seen in the old-age home that all the old people were eagerly looking at the door awaiting their sons or daughters.
x) Where does the vitality of work of art lie?Ans: The vitality of work of art lies in its sense of beauty and order.
N.B. : Students are requested to memorize excess from exercise book.
3. Answer any two of the questions which follow (each in about 100 words):   5×2=10
Leela’s friend
(a) “Now write” Who said this and to whom? Describe the speaker’s efforts in teaching the taught?         OR, How did Leela try to make Sidda write? What was the result?How did Sidda play with Leela?  
(b) “Sidda, come and play” Who is the speaker? What kind of games did the speaker play? OR, Describe Leela’s experiences of playing with Sidda. OR, “You must be very quick about it” Who is the speaker? Describe in what occasion the speaker said this? OR, How did Sidda amuse Leela in their play?
(c) ‘He looked at her mutely , like an animal’ Who looked at whom? What was the situation when this occurred?
(d) ” Don’t send him away. Let us keep him in our house.” Who was the speaker and to whom was it spoken? About whom was it said? How did the person or persons spoken to react?                                                            Nobel Lecture
(a) Narrate in your own words the experience of Mother Teresa in an old-age home?
(b) How does Mother Teresa fight against abortion?
(c) How did the little boy of four share his love with the children of Mother Teresa’s home?
(d) “It must have been a terrible sacrifice for him” Describe the sacrifice.
(e) “I had the most extraordinary experience what a Hindu family that had  eight children” — which experience is Mother Teresa speaking of?
The Place of Art in Education(a) What is the difference between ‘Fine Art’ and ‘Functional Art’?
(b) How does a poor santhal express his sense of beauty and order in his daily life?
(c) According to Nandalal Bose how can the aesthetic sensibilities of the students be increased?
(a) How did sir Mohan feel when he saw two Englishmen coming towards his coupe?Bring out the significance of the title ‘Karma’.
(b) “You are a bit of alright old chap.” — Who is the speaker? Who has been referred to as ‘old chap’? What picture of the person’s character here, spoken to, is revealed in this line?
  Jimmy   Valentine(a) What new name did Jimmy Valentine assume at Elmore?  What business did he open there? How did Jimmy fare at Elmore?
(b) “That child she can’t stand it long in there” — Who is referred to here? Why was she in danger? How was she saved?
(c) What did Jimmy Valentine do from the time he got out of Jail  till he met Mike Dolan?
(d) What did Jimmy write to his old friend in St Louis? Why did he write so?4. Complete each of the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answer from the alternatives given
i) The wind tells the mists to–   (a) settle on the shore  (b) lift their veils to enable the mariners to steer their ships  ( c) shroud the graveyard  (d) move and make way for it.ii) The city of London is seen—( a) in the morning light   (b) at twilight  (c) at noon  (d) at midnight.iii) The poem “Meeting at Night” is a–  (a) sonnet    (b) lyric   (c) soliloquy   (d) dramatic monologue.iv) The rhyme-scheme of “The Sick Rose” is—( a) cddc ( b) cdec  (  c) abcbdefe   (  d) cdcdv) In the poem “Brotherhood”, the night is— ( a) enormous  ( b) dark  ( c) short   ( d) silent
N.B.:  Students are requested to go through the text attentively.
5. Answer any five of the following questions, each in a complete sentences:                                                                   1×5=5i) Which city does the poet refer to in the poem “Upon Westminster Bridge”?
Ans Here the city referred to is the city of London.
ii) What type of a poem is ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’? Ans: Upon Westminster Bridge’ is an Italian sonnet.
iii) Where was the lover going? Ans: The lover was going to meet his beloved in her farmhouse.
iv) Why do the lovers meet at night? Ans: The lovers meet at night to keep their meeting a secret.
v) Who is sick in the poem of Blake?Ans: The rose is sick in the poem of Blake.
vi) When did the worm creep into the rose’s bed?Ans. The worm crept into the rose’s bed on a stormy night.
vii) What type of a poem is ‘Brotherhood’?Ans: The poem ‘Brotherhood’ is a lyrical poem.
viii) What did the wind tell the chanticleer?Ans: The wind told the chanticleer to blow on a trumpet as day is near.
ix) What is belfry tower? Ans: Belfry tower is a tower in which church bells hangs
x) What does the poet see when he looks up?Ans:  When the poet looks up he sees that the stars are writing.N.B.:  Students are requested to memorize excess from exercise book.6. Answer any two of the questions which follow (each in about 100 words):   5×2=10
a) Give the substance of the poem “Upon West Minster Bridge”. (OR) Describe, after Wordsworth, the city of London as given in the poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’.
b)  Describe the feelings of the lover on his journey to meet his beloved in the poem, “Meeting at Night”.
c) Give the substance of the poem, “The Sick Rose”. OR Justify the title of the poem “The sick Rose”
d) How does Longfellow describe the activities of the wind?
e) How does Longfellow personify the wind in his poem, “Daybreak”?
f) Write a note on the significance of the title of the poem, “Brotherhood”.
g) Discuss Browning’s use of imagery in his poem, “Meeting at Night”.
h) What is the central idea of the poem ‘Brotherhood’?
7. Complete each of the sentences which follow, choosing the correct answer from the alternatives given:
  i) The duke and his followers liked the life in the Forest of Arden because– a) it was a lazy life of luxury and comfort (b) it was a life more relaxing than that in the court ( c) it was dangerous and challenging ( d) they loved hunting.
ii) Iago was determined to take revenge on—- a) Barbantio (b) Cassio and Othello (c) Emilia (d) Desdemona.
iii) Aegeon is travelling throughout the world in search of his son for— a) 6 years (b) 5 years (c) 9 years (d) 7 years.
iv) Banquo’s ghost occupied— (a) Macbeth’s palace (b) Macbeth’s seat (c) Macbeth’s bed (d) Macbeth’s army.
v) Viola was Sebastian’s—(a) sister (b) wife (c) friend (d) niece.
N.B.:  Students are requested to go through the text attentively.
8. Answer anyone of the questions which follow (each in about 100 words):   5×1=5
The Comedy of Errors
(i) What made Ageon land at Ephesus?  What danger did he face there?
(ii) What was the law that prevailed in Ephesus? What did the Duke say to Aegeon when he became a victim of the law? 
(iii) Why was Elder Antipholus denied entry into his own house? 
                           Twelfth   Night
(i) Why did Duke Orsino send Viola to Olivia? What was Olivia’s reply?  
(ii) Who was Olivia? What saddened her? Why did she not allow any visitor? 
(iii) How was the confusion of mistaken identity overcome in ‘Twelfth Night’?
(iv) What information given by the captain consoled Viola? What plan did Viola think of to reach the Duke? How did the captain help her in this? 
(i) What did each of the three witches predict to Macbeth when he first met him? 
(ii)  Describe the feelings of Macbeth as he went to murder Duncan?     
As You Like It    
(i) How was the banished duke’s life in the Forest of Arden? 
(ii)  How did old Adam prove his loyalty towards his master?  ( As You Like It)(xii) How did Rosalind win Orlando’s heart? 
(iii) Who were the two participants in the wrestling match? Whom did Celiaia and Rosalind try to dissuade? What was the result?
(i) Why did Othello decide to kill his wife and himself?         
(ii) How did Othelo overcome the fury of Brabantio after marrying Desdemona?  
9. Textual Grammar:        10 Marks        A)      Do as directed:                 1×7=7                                                                     Narration change  (ii) Voice change (iii) Negative-affirmative (iv) Complex/Simple/ Participle (v) Degree (vi) Interchange of Parts of Speech     vii) Split
   B) Article & Preposition:       1/2×6=3                                                                   
10.  Write a paragraph on the following event about 150 words:         10 marks
Friendship ,Internet,  Festival of Bengal, A Film you have recently seen, Uses and abuses of mobile phone, Pollution, Favourite season/hobby/author/game, Visit to a book Fair, The School magazine, Computer, Face Book OR    Story Writing
11. Advertisement (not more than 50 words) (one out of Two)           5 marks
12. Commercial Leaflet (not more than 50 words) (One out of two)               5 marks

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