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Are you looking for English Notes  for class XII of West Bengal Board? Here this is complete notes of an  important chapter of English B. Download the notes of the chapter 'On Killing a Tree' by Gieve Patel. It is prepared  to help you in your exam preparation. It has questions and answers of  1 Mark and 6 Marks. Download the PDF file attached. If you find this helpful please Share with your friends and don't forget to comment belowON KILLING A TREE NOTES | WEST BENGAL BOARD CLASS XII NOTES | ENGLISH SECOND LANGUAGE


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Short Answer Type (Mark 1)

1. Who is the poet of the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’?

Ans: Gieve Patel is the poet of the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.

2. What does the poet mean by “It takes much time to kill a tree”?

Ans: By the given line the poet means to say that killing a tree is not a simple or easy task.

3. What type of poem is ‘On Killing a Tree’?

Ans: ‘On Killing a Tree’ is an ironical poem.

4. What form of verse has been used in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’?

Ans: Free verse has been used in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.

5. How much time does it take to kill a tree? Ans: It takes a lot of time to kill a tree to kill a tree.

6. Why is the poem so easy to read?

Ans: The poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ is very easy to read because it has been composed conversational tone.

7. Where does irony lie in the poem on killing a tree?

Ans: The irony in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’ is that the act of killing a tree is a ceremonial task.

8. “Miniature boughs” – What does the word ‘boughs’ mean?

Ans: The word ‘boughs’ means branches.

9. What according to Gieve Patel is the most sensitive part of the tree?

Ans: According to Gieve Patel, the root is the most sensitive part of the tree.

10. “And then it is done” – What is done?

Ans: The act of destroying a tree completely is done in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.

11. What is to be done with the root of the tree in the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’?

Ans: The root of the tree is to be snapped out of the anchoring earth. 

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Descriptive Answer Type (Marks 6)

1. Give the substance of the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’.

Ans: In the poem ‘On Killing a Tree’, Gieve Patel says that it is not an easy task to kill a tree. It can’t be done by a simple jab of knife. A tree grows slowly by consuming the earth’s nutrients. It absorbs sunlight, air and water for years. So, it cannot be killed by hacking and chopping. It causes pain but the tree does not die. Its bleeding bark heals itself. From close to the ground, its trunk produces twigs and small branches. It they are left unchecked, they will expand to the former size. If a tree is to be killed, the roots of the tree must be pulled out from the earth-cave. After uprooting it is scorched and choked in sun and air. Then, it goes through a process of browning, hardening, twisting and withering. Ultimately, the tree is killed.

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