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Are you looking for English Notes for class XII of West Bengal Board? Here this is complete notes of an important chapter of English B. Download the notes of the chapter ‘The Eyes Have It’ by Ruskin Bond. It is prepared  to help you in your exam preparation. It has questions and answers of  1 Mark and 6 Marks. Download the PDF file attached. If you find this helpful please Share with your friends and don’t forget to comment below


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Short Answer Type (Mark 1)

1. How long did the narrator travel alone in the train compartment?

Ans: The narrator travelled alone in the train compartment upto Rohana.

2. At which station did the blind girl get into the train?

Ans: The blind girl got into the train at Rohana station.

3. Who were the couple who saw the girl off at Rohana?

Ans: According to the narrator, the couple who saw the girl off at Rohana were her parents.

4. Where did the blind girl get off?

Ans: The blind girl in the story ‘The Eyes Have It’ got off at Saharanpur station.

5. Who was the woman who came to receive the girl at Saharanpur?

Ans: She was her aunt who came to receive the blind girl at Saharanpur.

6. Why were the eyes of the girl of no use?

Ans: The beautiful eyes of the girl were of no use because she was completely blind.

7. Why did the poet feel that the couple who came to see of the blind girl were her parents?

Ans: The narrator felt so because the couple were very anxious about her wellbeing.

8. Why were the eyes of the narrator sensitive only to light and darkness?

Ans: The narrator’s eyes were sensitive only to light and darkness because he was completely blind.

9. Whose voice startled the girl in the short story ‘The Eyes Have It’?

Ans: In the short story ‘The Eyes Have It’, the voice of the narrator startled the girl. 

10. Why did the narrator make a pretence of studying the landscape outside the window?

Ans: The narrator made a pretence of studying the outside landscape in order to hide the fact that he was completely blind.  

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